The difference is in the approach; let me explain......

I'm Andy Ritterband, the proprietor of Colourquick. I started the business about 20 years ago for one simple reason; I couldn't get a printer to design and print what I wanted for my home improvement company or my property company. Every time I came to look at proofs, the graphic designers had put their own spin on it. Looked arty, didn't work!

So I bought some equipment and started to design my own marketing products, from business cards to letterheads to leaflets to brochures.

 A few years later, I worked out that with digital equipment I could print as well and at sensible volumes as required at the time, allowing me to adapt and update my literature as my businesses evolved, diversified and expanded.

There's the difference. When new clients comes to see me, I don't just give them a price for 5000 of this or 1000 of that. I share my 28 years of commercial experience with them to come up with marketing materials that work, in volumes that fit both their needs and budget. We develop a great working relationship right from the off. I guess that's why many of my clients have been with me for many, many years.

Don't take my word for it....come and find out for yourself. I'm always happy to talk and who knows........

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